Gahd, I’m so domestic I might as well be ironing socks.

Lorne got laid off a week ago (to the day actually) and we’ve been taking it kind of casually. He’s been in contact with his 2 most recent previous companies, both of them saying they’d love to have him once the work starts back up. They know they’ve been contracted a job or two and need him for that job, they just don’t know when that job starts (it’s the upper company that has contracted them [aka hired] that decides when to initiate the construction). Yeah ok, that’s great for the future, but not today… We know there’s another smallish cheque coming in a week and we’ve been super cheapos not spending what we have left from his last cheque, but it really sucks that the credit card isn’t completely paid off, it’s about half used up. As we stand now, we can completely cover any automatic payments (insurances & mortgage) and still afford to eat. So I might be foolish but I’m still not worried too much.
We spent the week mostly just hanging out at home. He let me sleep in (which I totally needed because Ella has been terrible throughout the night, waking up at least 3 times) and we had a nice big breakfast pretty much every morning (sometimes bacon & eggs, sometimes waffles, etc). We went on lots of bike rides, cuddled and watched Dexter on yucky weather days. It was a really nice vacation…
Lorne filed for E.I. (Employment Insurance), the way we see it – you have to pay into it all your working life so you might as well get it back when you need it. His uncle (who owns a building moving company) has hired him on a few days here and there. And my aunt offered for him to work for them during this busy part of the season – working on swathers, combines and all those other machines that basically just mean “tractor” to me. Buut this means he’s 3 hours away, staying there for at least a week, and working practically from dawn till dusk.

I’m just going to take a moment and thank my husband for working so hard to support our family. It’s so amazing that he’s willing to put in days where he works longer then he sleeps, which allows me to just hang out at home with my kids. He’s sitting in a hot, loud, vibrating tractor staring at miles and miles of crops with nothing to focus on but driving in a perfectly straight line… I’m watching Sesame Street in my pajamas and eating black current tarts (that HE made BTW!) If anyone deserves a figgen gold start sticker, it’s this man.

So, as I’m completely inspired by his hard work effort, his drive to do anything it takes to bring home the bacon – I plan to spend this week that he’s away from home cleaning the.shit out of the house.

Here’s my To-Do List (which is more for my own reference, but I know some of you are that nosey):
- Wash all of the kids toys
- Bring out Logan’s excersaucer, exchange with items he’s grown out of [to the shed]
- Go through books, cds & dvds – donate some [so they'll all fit on the shelf]
- Organize my craft supplies [so they fit in the drawers and aren't spread all over the house]
- Sort through kid’s clothes for quilt
- Take hand-me-down clothes to the shed or person receiving them
- Wash, dry, fold & put away ALL the laundry
- Sort through piles of papers and file/recycle them as necessary
- Attack laundry room
- Take returnable recycling to the depot
- Rent carpet cleaner, do all carpeted rooms
- Wash all hard floors
- Vacuum out & re-stock the truck
- Bake something yummy
- Plan his favourite meal
- Re-colour hair
- Wax & shave
(The last 2 are because I’m not only good wife, I’m also a sexy mom) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaaa….

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  • Leane Says:

    This is awesome! Mikey is gone for a week, and then I leave for a weekend – i should really take advantage of this alone time to clean the house, so its nice for when I leave, and Mikey gets back!