Quilts are totally cool.

OMFG! Maybe I’m completely overdoing this “mother” thing and I’m sooo not cool anymore. Goodbye band tshirts, studded belts and bandannas – Hello yarn, quilts, scrapbooking and hippie parenting!

Today I’ve completely been obsessing over quilts! There are so many modern options out there these days, they don’t have to look like they belong on Rosanne’s couch anymore!

I’ve noticed there’s two main styles I’ve been drooling over, “Rag” quilts which are more rustic but seem more cuddley:

And “Applique” quilts which are more detailed and not so blocky but seem flatter:

Some day… some day I will find the time to make my very own rag quilt (because let’s face it, I don’t have enough patience for appliqueing)

Here’s some more quilts, a little more grown-up (because everything to do with babies is overly adorable, adults need awesome quilts too)…

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4 Responses

  • Lindsay Says:

    My aunty made me an Applique quilt when i was born. However it looks like there is also some Rag quilting in it as well. Ill see if i cant get a picture to send you one day, its quite awesome! PS your the coolest mom i know :)

  • Ashley Says:

    I can not WAIT to start sewing so I can make a quilt. I have a book on quilting that I love to read. I’m holding out till we have a bigger place so I can set up a machine. I want to make a quilt of all of Oscar’s little outfits that I’ve loved.

  • Ashley Paramor Says:

    AH! What an awesome idea Ashley! I’ve been holding on to a few favourite outfits (like monster sleepers) wondering what I could possibly make out of them! Thanks!

  • Leane Says:

    If i ever have children, Ive always thought about making a quilt for them, or even their children out of their old baby clothes.